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Near Me Possum Removal Brisbane is known among the residents of Brisbane for its promptness, honesty, and high-quality facilities. Complete customer satisfaction and transparency in our work make us one of the leading possum removal service providers in Brisbane.

Here are some of the key points why people prefer us over others:

  • Trained, licensed, experienced, and certified technicians
  • The professional silverfish extermination team
  • Same-day or emergency possum removal services
  • 100 % customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Instant free quotes
  • Affordable pricing

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What Possum Removal Process Do We Use?

Near Me Possum Removal Brisbane, our specialists have designed a streamlined process to offer you the most effective Possum control Brisbane has.

To carry out the process, we follow all the legal requirements by coordinating with the necessary departments. Our Possum catcher Brisbane experts will ensure the smooth removal of this creature from your property.

Here is an overview of the process we use for Possum control in Brisbane:

Near Me Possum Removal Brisbane


After you book an appointment with us, we will visit the site to inspect the level of Possum infestation and evaluate the possible habitats for these creatures.

At this stage, our Possum catcher Brisbane experts aim to identify the extent of damage, level of infestation, and type of possum attacked on your property.

Pest Removal

After a proper inspection, we will start pest removal with a perfectly tailored plan that includes a step-by-step removal procedure and all the necessary approvals from the concerned authority.

We typically use cage traps manufactured from mesh wired to trap possums. Later, we release these possums as per the guidelines of the government.

Near Me Possum Removal Brisbane
Near Me Possum Removal Brisbane

Ongoing Prevention

Along with removing the possum from your property, we also create potential barriers in and around your place to prevent any further pest infestation at your property.

Our experts will also provide you with some preventive measures and tips to ensure you have enough knowledge to prevent the infestation of such creatures at your place.

To get a non-obligatory instant quote for dead possum removal Brisbane and other such issues, feel free to contact us.

Types of Possum in Brisbane

In Brisbane, you can usually find the following Possum species:

Common Brush Tail Possum

Near Me Possum Removal Brisbane

Eastern Pygmy Possums

Near Me Possum Removal Brisbane

Long-Tailed Pygmy Possum

Near Me Possum Removal Brisbane

Mountain Pygmy Possums

Near Me Possum Removal Brisbane

The Little Pygmy Possum

Near Me Possum Removal Brisbane

Western Pygmy Possums

Near Me Possum Removal Brisbane

If you notice an infestation of any of the above-mentioned possums, contact our Possum removal Brisbane team without any delay.

Important to Get the Possum Infestation Removed by Specialists

Although possums can not cause any harm to humans, it would be best to get them removed as soon as possible. If they take up residence at your place for a prolonged period, it becomes challenging to remove them permanently.

It is important to get the possum removal by professionals and get rid of these creatures because:

Signs of Possum Infestation That Make It Necessary to Hire Professionals

Possum infestation signs in your home include:

Near Me Possum Removal Brisbane

If you find any of these signs and you cannot control them, please call rodent treatment Brisbane experts at the earliest because they can find out the best way of leaving the area rat-free.

Where Do Possums Usually Establish Their Nests?

Although Possums can make their nests anywhere, there are some places that they find safe for their babies, including:

  • Garage: People usually do not spend a long time in such a place and keep it usually closed. So, possums and other such creatures find a wonderful range of dark places to hide and build their habitat in the garage. Keep a check at your garage to avoid this uninvited guest.
  • Roof: Possums can easily climb and build their nests on the roof. If you have planted trees or you have climbers attached to your roof, the possum infestation is likely to take place on your rooftop.
  • Attic: Attics are one of the best nesting grounds for the possums as this place is usually dry and warm during the day.
  • Under Deck: The large gaps in the deck make it the easiest part of your property to get infested. This place facilitates convenient entry and shelter for these creatures.
  • bCrawl space: Such parts of your home can turn out a perfect place for possum infestation. If you notice scuffling or scratching noise coming from your floors, the possums have properly crawled inside and built their nests in the crawl space.
Near Me Possum Removal
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Call us right away or fill out the online form available on our website. Our experts will visit your place equipped with the required tools within an hour of booking an appointment.

Experience Hassle-Free Possum Removal in Brisbane

Are you noticing a scratching sound in or around your home all the time? Do you think the possums have built their nests? Are you annoyed with the noise and looking for a reliable possum removal Brisbane team?

If there are any signs of possum infestation, feel free to contact Near Me Possum Removal Brisbane. We offer complete possum control and removal for both residential and commercial complexes.

Services We Offer

Near Me Possum Removal Brisbane is known for providing quick and reliable services. Along with Possum removal, we primarily offer the following services in Brisbane:

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  • List Icon Ant Removal Brisbane
  • List Icon Bird Control Nesting Brisbane
  • List Icon Silverfish Removal Brisbane
  • List Icon Fleas and bedbugs removal Brisbane
  • List Icon Rat and rodent control in Brisbane
  • List Icon Wasps and Bees removal Brisbane
  • List Icon Cockroaches treatment Brisbane

create a healthy, safe environment around you

Call us today on 0748003309 or use our online form to explain the Possum control issues at your property. We will provide you with an obligation-free quote and a seamless treatment services.

Asked Questions


The usual possum removal cost, Brisbane in the budget, depends upon the place where this creature has built its nest. We have a safe and secure payment system, and we never charge any extra or hidden costs. Our technicians stick to the guidelines and offer you every detail you need. So, call us without any further delay to get rid of possums and spend quality time with your family.

The best and most preferred method for catching possums is trapping, as it does involve killing or hurting these creatures. Possums are not afraid of traps, and this helps you catch them easily.

Setting up traps for possums is very easy. All you need to do is simply keep a trap on their pathway or near the place they usually feed. They get caught easily and stay inside the cage until you release them far from your home.

Of course, even possums are one of the most agile creatures. They can easily climb a vertical wall quickly. Possums can jump from a tree to a roof using their thumbs, claws, feet, and tails.

Possums hate the smell of garlic and cannot stand the scent coming from garlic. They feel unsafe around this smell and will never build a nest around such a place.

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