How to Prevent Possums from Infesting Your Home

As human populations grow, their habitats changes and more and more wild animals, such as possums, are discovered invading human settlements and making their homes in unusual places including basements, attics, rooftops, and even trees. Since possums are nocturnal, their antics, especially their howling and screeching late into the night, can be a nuisance to human neighbours. When marking their territory, they often knock over trash cans and leave behind puddles of pee. Some people are taken aback to discover possums making their homes on their roofs, and they don’t know what to do about it. Our Possum Removal Brisbane specialists will get rid of the possums so you don’t have to.

How to Keep Possums Out of Your House

Like the Gemini, possums have two distinct aspects to their character. Even though possums, our local furry little friends, are adorable, we like to admire them from a safe distance. All their nice qualities appear to vanish in an instant when they get close enough to make your roof their home: they become noisy, disruptive, and stinky creatures. Our possum control Brisbane experts will help you to keep possums at bay. And use following ways:

Keep Them Out By Putting Up a Fence

Possums are nimble and excellent climbers, yet their vertical leap is limited to just 1 meter. This means that a paling fence over 1.5 meters in height will keep possums out of your backyard. To prevent possums, cats, and rats from climbing over your fence, you can use non-lethal fence spikes on the top of your fence.

Take Away People’s Ability to Eat and Drink

The old adage goes something like this: “Prevention is better than cure,” therefore taking measures to make your home less inviting to possums is a good idea. Remove any sources of sustenance and water from your premises as a first step. Get in touch with our possum control Brisbane pros to get them removed from your home.

Protect Your Worm Bins and Vegetable Garden

Just like humans, possums appreciate both fresh and rotten food. Possums are famously tough to deter from a vegetable garden because they know what’s good. They are well-aware of the health benefits of fresh produce and the deliciousness of herbs.

Possum Removal Brisbane

Close Off Any Routes That Could Get to Your Roof

Possums are nocturnal animals that prefer to spend the day hiding from danger. Possums love to spend the day nestled in roof voids until the sun goes down, at which point they begin their nightly pounding search for sustenance, companionship, and procreation. If you want to keep possums out of your attic, one of the first things you should do is seal off any potential entry points to your roof.

Cut Back Any Overhanging Limbs or Trees Near Your House

While possums can only hop horizontally for 1.5 meters and vertically for 1 meter, they can jump quite far below. To stop possums from gaining access to your roof from any direction, prune back any branches that are within jumping distance.

Make Use of an Ultrasonic Bug Zapper

Ultrasonic pest management uses sound frequencies that repel pests but are inaudible to the human ear, making it a compassionate, chemical-free, and environmentally responsible solution to deter possums. We have got you best Dead Possum Removal Brisbane.

Construct a possum shelter.

You will likely need to set a trap to remove a possum that has made its home on your roof and relocate it to another part of your yard or garden. Providing possums with a new, weather-proof home might be as simple as installing one or more possum boxes on large trees in your garden. To keep the possum from returning, just seal off the roof.

Plant your garden with cloves of garlic.

Garlic has an unpleasant odour to possums, so scattering cloves around your yard or at least near the plants you wish to protect is a natural and humane way to dissuade them. You can do this with crushed garlic cloves, garlic spray, or garlic chives.

Put in some plants that possums won’t eat.

Several common garden plants, such as mint, geraniums, and chrysanthemums, might deter possums from your yard. These plants serve a dual purpose: they deter possums while also beautifying your garden. Near me possum removal Brisbane is the place to go if you want to talk to the big possums about keeping them out of your house. They service Melbourne and Adelaide, and their possum control services are reasonably priced considering their level of expertise. Get in touch with our dead possum removal Brisbane today if you want to rid your home of possums for good.

Why you need professional possum removal services.

Do you need assistance from an expert Possum Removal Brisbane business to get rid of possums? Near me possum removal Brisbane is staffed by real experts that have years of experience in the pest management and 24-hour possum removal industry. To maintain a clean and safe space for our customers, we take measures to prevent them from coming into contact with any small animals. Since it is against the law to kill possums, the experts at Brisbane Possum Removal will help you capture all of them and release them into the woods far from your home.

Our professional possum removal Brisbane team of possum catchers in Brisbane uses humane and secure possum removal techniques to safely capture the animals and return them to where they belong. Because of the potential for legal complications, it is advisable to seek the assistance of skilled professionals.

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